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Robbbb – Beijing, China

[ 1 ] May 31, 2012 |

We were recently introduced to a budding street artist from Beijing, China named Robbbb. We were excited to have made this connection because China is relatively underdeveloped from a street art and graffiti perspective. It’s nice to see people who are genuinely passionate about street art from these areas, as they can really pioneer the movement and share it with those that are interested in getting more involved in the subculture.

Here is some more about Robbbb from his website

Streets gives these artworks unique vitality,where they are born in the streets, also died in the streets. Sometimes I’d rather go with “wasteland”, it gives the artwork a totally different sense of meaning, meanwhile,  my artworks would make itself more vigorous in return. I like to draw the characters, whether people of all ages and both sexes, and whether to walk or stay, each different state interpretation of the present social people of a wide variety of mode of existence, If you are in the street to see my artworks, I hope to see these works provide you with a unique sense of thinking but I do not expect them only to bring you a simple sense of excitement. Personally speaking, I never attempted to tie artworks down with any definitive meanings, maybe ten people look at my works and will have ten kinds of different ideas,”The benevolent see benevolence and the wise see wisdom”, so, my purpose is achieved,because you thought process is equal to the communication with my artworks,so the works itself will be more meaningful.

Street art is a kind of space art,with its special way of occupying space and even reform the space. My artworks, it is the uses plane language dialogue to space structure,and explore it produce the all kinds of possibilities of.

Street Art is still in an early and crooked stage of its development within today’s China, thus the majority of the people today still do not quite comprehend this kind of art, I personally would hope to spread and develop this kind of art, and making it standing in the art field within this country where there have been over hundreds of different styles of arts competing with each other.

I studied at the China Central Academy of Drama Department of fine arts stage, now living in Beijing.


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